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Coming to Nottingham KIA Car Dealerships in 2016 will be the latest offering from the KIA stable, the ‘Niro’

While other major polluters such as airplanes, diesel locomotives and cargo ships go largely unregulated, the auto industry has been working on going green for years and one of them is Kia.

The issue for the OEMs is the spectre of the 2025 corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) level in the U.S. being set at 56 mpg (4.2L/100 km), which is only 10 years away.

To that end, Metroland Media/ was one of only three Canadian media outlets invited recently to a Kia’s e-Mobility Workshop for two days of insight into what the Korean company is doing.

At the workshop they announced a five-year plan that includes green car models to grow from four to 11 in 2020 and have a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in production by then as well.

More to the point, Kia has pledged to improve average fuel efficiency from 25 per cent over 2014 levels, while replacing 70 per cent of the current engine range with more efficient units.

kia niro spy shots

They will do this with a (US)$10.2 billion investment in developing a whole new range of eco-friendly vehicles, creating more than 7,300 jobs along the way.

Part of the workshop was a chance to drive three of the cars Kia will be bringing to market next year with the focus on driving green.

The most exciting is the Niro Hybrid Utility Vehicle (HUV) that we will see in the last quarter of 2016.

It is Kia’s first dedicated hybrid, meaning it is a stand-alone model, not a current car converted to hybrid use.

On a platform shared with no other Kia model, the KIA Niro Forum says the one that we drove was heavily covered, so photos could not reveal what it looks like. It is a five-door and CUV-like, but a little smaller than a Toyota Prius v.

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