Kia Niro Looks Forward To Chicago Motor Show Debut

The Niro is part of Kia’s push to create a greener lineup through 2020, and the model packs a dedicated hybrid powertrain.Earlier reports suggest that it consists of a 1.6-liter four-cylinder and 47-horsepower electric motor with a 1.56-kWh battery. A six-speed dual-clutch gearbox will likely put the power to the road.

Kia’s styling centers in California and Namyang, South Korea, are responsible for the Niro’s look. The designers use a narrow version of the company’s tiger-nose grille for this CUV, but the high-mounted headlights create a clear family resemblance to the latest Sportage. The roofline appears to have a coupe-like arch, and the rear gets nearly rectangular taillights that angle into the hatch.

If the Niro name sounds familiar, that’s because Kia first used it on a slightly bulbous crossover concept at the 2013Frankfurt Motor Show. You’ll have to wait a month for all the details, but until then, enjoy the teasers and press release below.

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Hyundai has somewhat optimistically coined the term HUV, or Hybrid Utility Vehicle, for the car and it will indeed be the first small SUV crossover to reach the market that uses a hybrid powertrain. At 4,355mm long it fits between the Soul and new Sportage insize.

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